Alchemist Wood Designs is committed to the responsible harvesting of the wood that we use in our products.  The wood we source from Brazil uses innovative non-impact forestry practices as a way to produce hardwood products with less impact on the environment.  The mill in Brazil is committed to ecologically sound business practices and is designated as a “green” operation by the Brazilian government.  They are recognized as showing great responsibility in helping to establish and maintain “harmony in nature and the biodiversity of the planet.”  The wood harvested comes from what we call the 3 Ds- dead, down, and dying.  No living trees were harmed in the creation of your masterpiece.  The local wood we source is sustainably harvested  from Amish sawmills throughout the state.  From local pine and oak to beautiful slabs of black walnut, we can work with you to choose the best species of wood to fit your needs.  We appreciate the beauty and functionality of the wood and try to highlight it in all of the pieces that we build.